Trenbolone Enanthate

What to expect from taking Trenbolone Enanthate and its side effects

Trenbolone enanthate is an androgenic anabolic steroid available as esterified derivatives. It is characterized by a high degree of binding – it is 5 times higher than testosterone. It is one of the most effective under muscle mass. Thanks to him, the escape becomes stronger. Remember the side effects of this drug, which are very active if you do not follow the recommended dose and duration of administration. Another reason for the popularity of trenbolone is its zero estrogenic activity and lack of conversion upon exposure to aromatase. All this does not let you be afraid of excessive accumulation of fluids in the body.

Steroid profile

  • Anabolic activity – 500% testosterone (very high)
  • Androgenic activity – 500% testosterone (very high)
  • The effect on the liver is small
  • Increase in estradiol: no
  • Increased prolactin: yes (cabergoline required)

Trenbolone Enanthate course – dosages

The optimal dose of Trenbolone Enanthate for an athlete is 400 mg a week, which means we take 200 mg twice a week. For example, Monday and Thursday. Because a Class E train is a long-term variable, unlike its “brother” trenbolone acetate, it requires a course of at least 8 weeks.

Trenbolone Enanthate course - dosages

Weight gain course

You should take Methandienone in combination with Trenbolone Enanthate for eight weeks.

Methane is used at a dose of 30 milligrams per day throughout the cycle.
Take 0.4 gram of trenbolone every seven days for the first four weeks.
The dose is 0.3 grams at the fifth and sixth weeks and 0.2 grams at the seventh
This cycle is for bodybuilders who have been training for at least five years and have completed several anabolic cycles.

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The course of a series of quality masses

The course of a series of quality masses

The only difference between this course and what is described above is the presence of testosterone in the composition.

Use Methandienone as above.
The weekly dose of Trenbolone Enanthate is 0.3 grams and should be taken from the first to the sixth week.
Testosterone enanthate is also used at 0.5 grams in the first six weeks.
Start with 0.1 gram of testosterone propionate every other day in the seventh week. To achieve a great drying rate, you can use this rate as a base by converting Methane to Stanozolol. Take Stanase at a dose of 40-50 milligrams per day. The application plan for the remaining AASs remains unchanged.

Great muscle building

  • Exercise Enanthate 400 mg weekly for 8 weeks
  • Testosterone enanthate 750 mg also for 8 weeks
  • There is also a 100 mg tip every other day for the first two weeks of activation.
  • Oxymetholone 150 mg daily for 5 weeks. Up to 200 mg per day can be added if it is not too heavy.
  • From 6 to 9 weeks it is Danabol with 6 TB per day.
  • from 9 weeks propionate and stanozolol are administered until the end, ie 4 weeks.
  • Also take 100 mg every other day and camp for 5-6 TB per day in parallel.
  • Proviron – for 6 to 8 weeks, 2 tablets a day and then 3 weeks until the end of the course, as well as 2 weeks with admission and also 2 TB per day.

Effect of application

Effect of application

The drug, prescribed by professional bodybuilders and experts, provides maximum effectiveness with a properly calculated dose.

The effectiveness of trenbolone is:

  • increase in muscle mass (at a rate of 2-3 months can increase by 10 kg);
  • strengthening performance indicators;
  • fat burning effect due to stimulation of growth hormone;
  • insulin-like growth factor increases by 200%;
  • libido increases significantly when taking the drug, there is a significant reduction at the end of the course;
  • levels of the hormone cortisol are reduced.
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Possible side effects of Trenbolone Enanthate

Trenbolone can cause the following side effects:

  • high blood pressure;
  • baldness;
  • acne – acne;
  • excessive aggression;
  • excessively oily skin.
Possible side effects of Trenbolone Enanthate

The steroid suppresses the production of testosterone. This can not only reduce libido but also cause testicular atrophy. Gonadotropin and cabergoline are used to prevent this side effect.

The most common side effects with trenbolone are: insomnia, high blood pressure, increased aggression, acne, baldness, oily skin and more.

Decreased libido, slow erections (very common during the cycle) and testicular atrophy due to significant suppression of testosterone production. It begins with the introduction of gonadotropin (from the beginning of the second week of the course to the end of the course) and cabergoline.

No toxic effect on the kidneys. This imaginary side effect of trenbolone is due to the fact that the urine turns red during the cycle of secreted metabolites, which are sometimes confused by some athletes for signs of kidney damage.

Hepatic toxicity has not been established with intermediate doses.

Androgenic effects are rare, estrogenic effects are almost always absent.

The risk of side effects increases when trenbolone is combined with clenbuterol or ephedrine.